Eddy Kalliski

In the British county Kent on the Isle of Sheppey a FishFlow Innovations Archimedes’ screw pumping station is being installed. This new pumping station can lift 3.5 cubic meters per second in an unparalleled high efficiency. To accomplish this, two enclosed Archimedes’ screws have been placed. These fish safe screw pumps are made of glass fiber reinforced vinylester composite and have a diameter of 2.5 meters. To get the water from Elmley National Nature Reserve to the North Sea, it has to be pumped up 4.5 meters. The big advantage of enclosed screws is that there is no water leakage when pumping; each drop of water pumped up will be released at the top. The fish friendly design ensures all living aquatic organisms in the nature reserve can safely pass to sea. The screw pumps are also very silent. This is mandatory to get fish to swim into the screw without stress.


Complete package

The transport from Medemblik consisted of only three trucks. The screw pumps leave the FishFlow Innovations factory completely mounted on a galvanized and epoxy coated steel frame, which enables them to be placed in just a few hours. The first two trucks carried the complete Archimedean screw pump units of 17 meters each. For this pumping station the housing was also made in Holland so the third truck carried the kiosk. It consists of a galvanized steel frame with insulated and coated steel plates. This kiosk protects the motors, gearboxes and control equipment from bad weather. Not just the screws, but also the shafts are made of corrosion free material. All in all this ensures a life expectancy of the screw of 50 to 80 years.WP_20180215_002