Eddy Kalliski

Bells & Mocketts Pumping Station is nominated in 2 categories for the Pump Industry Awards 2019

The in 2018 commissioned pumping station with two fish friendly enclosed Archimedes’ screw pumps of Ø 2,5 metres is located on the Isle of Sheppey in the United Kingdom. The awards ceremony will be Thursday 21 March. The categories in which the pumping station is nominated are ‘Project of the year’ and ‘Environmental contribution of the year’.

Project of the year

The nomination for ‘Project of the year’ is appointed because Bells & Mocketts Pumping Station is the first large-scale installation of innovative, fish-friendly Archimedes’ screw pumps in the UK. The new pumping station replaced two ailing assets and improved flood protection to the surrounding farmland and catchment, running efficiently and quietly at all speeds with relatively little energy loss. Design simplicity and durable materials selected for the coastal environment will ensure that maintenance of the new pumping station will be minimal throughout its service life.

Environmental contribution of the year

The nomination for ‘Environmental contribution of the year’ is appointed because Bells & Mocketts Pumping Station is the first land drainage application in the UK of an innovative type of encapsulated composite screw pumps to manage water levels and protect a 34 km² catchment of low level agricultural land from flooding. The pumps provide excellent standards of protection and passage for fish and eels by eliminating the risk of leading edge damage. The slow rotational speeds also allow quiet and efficient operation with reduced disturbance to the local protected habitat and wildlife.

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Pumping Station Bells & Mocketts startup test video