Johan Beentjes

Located next to the hamlet of Scheve Klap, FishFlow Innovations has installed a fish-friendly pumping station which adjusts to fluctuating water levels on the Weerdijk for the Hunze & Aa’s water board.

The Hunze & Aa’s water board has the vision to map out the additional fish mortality in fish migration bottlenecks, so that these problems can be minimized during new construction and renovation of pumping stations (See also the news item: Hunze & Aa’s wants more fish-friendly pumping stations).

A fish safety test has now been carried out at the Weerdijk pumping station to determine the mortality percentage of fish after passing a FishFlow Innovations fish-friendly, water level folowing, pumping station and have further investigated the following:

• The mortality that occurs immediately after passing the pumping station, and

• The delayed death, 24 hours and 48 hours after passage.

It has been found for all test groups that the mortality percentage is 0% and that forms of damage occur only very little or even not (with large eels).

The conclusion is therefore that the fish-friendly screw pump from FishFlow Innovations as used in the Weerdijk pumping station is very fish-friendly and makes a good contribution to solving fish migration bottlenecks and greatly reducing fish damage and fish mortality from pumping stations.