Eddy Kalliski

ø 3m screw pumps en route to Auckland

In early November, two fish-friendly Archimedes’ enclosed screw pumps from FishFlow Innovations were loaded onto a ship to New Zealand. The screws have a diameter of ø 3 meters and a total length of almost 18 meters. The screw pumps will replace a pumping station that is located between Auckland and Hamilton. If the journey goes according to schedule, the screw pumps will arrive in Auckland by Christmas.

Johan Beentjes

Water New Zealand Magazine: “Providing safe passage for fish”.

New Zealand’s first ever Fish Flow Innovations screw pump will be tested during the next fish migration to see how New Zealand’s native fish species successfully migrate through our system.

In the link below you will find the entire “Water New Zealand magazine”. On pages 54 and 55 is the article written by the Waikato Regional Council about FishFlow Innovations “worlds leading 100% Fish Friendly Pump”.

Water New Zealand magazine/October 2022

Johan Beentjes

FishFlow Innovations one of the finalists for the Enterprise Election North Holland 2022

The 15th edition of the Noord-Holland Enterprise Elections is in full swing, with 33 compagnies in 4 categories competing for the title of “Best company of North Holland”

FishFlow Innovations has been announced as one of the finalists in the category MKB Midden  ovnh.nl/#finalisten

Eddy Kalliski

2 nominations for Pump Industry Awards 2019

Bells & Mocketts Pumping Station is nominated in 2 categories for the Pump Industry Awards 2019

The in 2018 commissioned pumping station with two fish friendly enclosed Archimedes’ screw pumps of Ø 2,5 metres is located on the Isle of Sheppey in the United Kingdom. The awards ceremony will be Thursday 21 March. The categories in which the pumping station is nominated are ‘Project of the year’ and ‘Environmental contribution of the year’.

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