Eddy Kalliski

Screw Pumps at Churchill East Road installed

Today, 2 fish friendly Archimedes’ screw pumps of 3.0 m diameter have been installed in Hampton Downs, New Zealand. The pumps have been designed to displace a total of 4.5 m³ of water per second to the Waikato river.

Hijsen van een 3,0m vijzel

De vijzel wordt op zijn plaats gezet

Nog een klein stukje zakken...

Beide vijzels staan op hun plek

Het water wordt ingelaten

Johan Beentjes

Fish-friendly pump keeping eel (tuna) numbers up and free of harm.

The new fish-friendly pump from FishFlow Innovations is helping native fish to safely passage downstream on Ngāti Te Ata Waiohua land in Waikato.

Tuna live in streams and drains for many decades but breed once in their lifetime out at sea.

Water pumped through the new Mangawhero Pump Station enters a lake on the iwi-owned, 10-hectare property before joining the Waikato River. It’s part of Waikato Regional Council’s upgrade of five pumps in Waikato catchments.

Some 160 tuna were tagged during their migration season, which occurred during the recent downpour and flooding. But Roimata Minhinnick (Ngāti Te Ata) says despite the earlier-than-usual migration, the results meant that the pump is correctly doing what it’s meant to do: enable fish safe passage through the pump, as the old, current pumps are lethal to 100% of the Tuna.


Johan Beentjes

Interview Gerard Manshanden: From fisher to fish passage innovator

Gerard Manshanden knows a lot about fish behaviour, applying his knowledge to provide safe fish passage at pump stations, worldwide – and soon, in Southland.

Two of FishFlow Innovations pumps are being installed in the new Stead Street pump station, replacing the old pumps, which are more than 70 years old and, unlike the new pumps, do not provide safe passage for our native fish.

Click here or the below image to read the interview.


Johan Beentjes

FishFlow Innovations one of the finalists for the Enterprise Election North Holland 2022

The 15th edition of the Noord-Holland Enterprise Elections is in full swing, with 33 compagnies in 4 categories competing for the title of “Best company of North Holland”

FishFlow Innovations has been announced as one of the finalists in the category MKB Midden  ovnh.nl/#finalisten

Johan Beentjes

The FishFlow Innovations Archimedes Screw Turbine awarded with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

Bertrand Piccard has published a selection of 1000 solutions through the Solar Impulse Foundation that are intended to address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth.

The FishFlow Innovations Archimedes Screw Turbine has been awarded with the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label”.

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label aims to shed light on existing or new solutions that are both clean and profitable and have a positive impact on the quality of life. The decision to award this label is only made after a thorough assessment based on a verified methodology and on the basis of various criteria, carried out by external independent experts..


Johan Beentjes

Syphon Fish Ladder “Fish Cycle Wieringermeer”

In the Wieringermeer, a unique area is being developed to increase the spawning and habitat for fresh-salt migratory fish and to improve the water quality.

FishFlow Innovations has supplied two Syphon fish ladders for this project which are currently functioning to full satisfaction, below you can see an animation which explains the operation of our type of Syphon fish ladders .


Are you dealing with a situation in which a fish-friendly siphon fish ladder would offer a solution?

Send an e-mail to info@fishflow.nl or a message via our contact form.

We will then contact you quickly to discuss your issue so that we can present you with a suitable solution.

Johan Beentjes

Fish safety test Weerdijk pumping station: 100% Fish safe

Located next to the hamlet of Scheve Klap, FishFlow Innovations has installed a fish-friendly pumping station which adjusts to fluctuating water levels on the Weerdijk for the Hunze & Aa’s water board.

The Hunze & Aa’s water board has the vision to map out the additional fish mortality in fish migration bottlenecks, so that these problems can be minimized during new construction and renovation of pumping stations (See also the news item: Hunze & Aa’s wants more fish-friendly pumping stations).

A fish safety test has now been carried out at the Weerdijk pumping station to determine the mortality percentage of fish after passing a FishFlow Innovations fish-friendly, water level folowing, pumping station and have further investigated the following:

• The mortality that occurs immediately after passing the pumping station, and

• The delayed death, 24 hours and 48 hours after passage.

It has been found for all test groups that the mortality percentage is 0% and that forms of damage occur only very little or even not (with large eels).

The conclusion is therefore that the fish-friendly screw pump from FishFlow Innovations as used in the Weerdijk pumping station is very fish-friendly and makes a good contribution to solving fish migration bottlenecks and greatly reducing fish damage and fish mortality from pumping stations.