Many industrial facilities extract water from lakes, rivers or coastal waters for cooling installations, hydropower or water supply. The entrainment of floating debris or fish can have adverse effects on industrial processes and cause fish mortality. The innovative rotary drum screen that has been developed by FishFlow Innovations effectively separates solid objects from the intake water. The unique characteristics of the drum screen make it possible to return fish unharmed to surface waters and reduce the costs for the processing of solid wastes.

Innovative design

The rotary drum consists of a mesh screen that is tightly fitted around an Archimedean screw. This screw is built with a composite material and has a specially designed entrance. As a result, the rotary drum screen is 100% fish-friendly and virtually maintenance free.

Efficient separation of water and solids

A motor drives the central axis of the screw and rotates the drum screen. The bulk volume of water passes through the screen mesh of the drum and enters the industrial facility, whereas the screw carries fish and other solid objects over the length of the drum towards an outlet.

Saving fish and costs

The solid objects that are filtered from the water remain submerged throughout their passage through the rotary drum. As a result, fish survive and remain undamaged. Jellyfish, fish and other solid objects can be returned to the surface waters. The rotary drum screen of FishFlow Innovations makes additional filters and solid waste processing systems obsolete.

Widely applicable

The innovative rotary drum screen can be applied in a wide range of water intake facilities. The design of the installation, the area of filtration and the mesh size are based on the local specifications, including flow rate and type of suspended solids.

Gerealiseerde projecten

In deze foto’s krijgt u een indruk van het FishFlow koelwater inlaat systeem.

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