The FishFlow Innovations Archimedes Screw Turbine enables highly efficient generation of fish friendly hydro power. The innovative design ensures high yield of renewable energy at low and medium head differences.

Key aspects of the Archimedean screw turbine are optimum efficiency, low maintenance costs and a very long life expectancy. Whenever needed, it is possible to use the turbine as a pump. This way the turbine can be put to use as a fish passage for upstream migration when power is at low rates.

The Screw Turbine explained

The fish friendly screw pump is the base for the screw turbine. Instead of pumping water up, water is let in from the top. Gravity pulling the water down makes the turbine rotate. The shaft of the screw is attached to a generator which transforms the motion into electrical energy.

The Archimedes screw turbine is made from glass fibre reinforced vinylester composite. Because composite materials are used the turbine has a smooth surface on the inside, which reduces loss of energy due to friction to a minimum. Another advantage of using GRP composite is the reduced maintenance need compared to conventional steel turbines.

Because the hull is attached to the screw, it rotates along with it. This ensures maximum efficiency because not a single drop of water is lost along the way.

  • 100% fish safe
  • efficiency of 80% feasible at variable flow rates
  • long lifespan, even in salt water
  • low maintenance
  • impervious for debris and obstructions
  • optional adjustable height for fluctuating water levels
  • can be used as highly efficient fish friendly pump
  • triple blade screw of GRP composite material
  • diameters in range from 0.6 to 5.0 meters
  • maintenance free bottom bearing absorbs axial and radial forces
  • high efficient gearbox and generator


The photos below show parts of the production process of an Archimedes screw.

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