FishFlow Innovations has invented a cavitation free ship propeller and bow thruster. Because the patented shape of the propeller does not cause cavitation, it is silent, more efficient and far less subject to wear. This results in a significant cost reduction because of reduced energy usage, less maintenance and longer life span. The clever propeller design ensures that any conventional ship propeller can be retrofit by a cavitation free propeller.

The silent ship propeller explained

When conventional ship propellers exceed a certain rotation speed, the shape of the blades cause induce a vacuum that causes cavitation. These implosions emit so much energy that they damage the propeller and produce an awful lot of loud noise. This traditional shape is also responsible for the water being so turbulent after it is released by the screw. The FishFlow ship propeller has a unique shape that easily releases the water. The water is released in an almost straight beam. The propeller creates no turbulence, induces no cavitation and emits no sound. The propeller is always mounted in a nozzle and has a higher efficiency than conventional propellers.

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