The mortality of fish during passage through turbines in hydroelectric power plants is a global problem, especially for migratory fish species. Fishflow Innovations, in collaboration with Pentair Nijhuis, has developed a fish-friendly low-pressure turbine. The turbine has been proven to be fish-friendly and achieves similar efficiencies to conventional low-pressure turbines. It is also possible to retrofit existing turbines with this fish-friendly application. This patented fish-friendly turbine can be custom developed and manufactured by Nijhuis Pompen (operating under the brand name Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis) and Fishflow Innovations for all types of business situations.

Functioning of the low-pressure turbine

The fish-friendliness of the turbine is achieved, among other factors, through the specially developed design of the rotor. This creates a favorable flow in the water that helps the fish migrate safely through the turbine. Additionally, the gap between the rotor blades is wider than in conventional turbines, significantly reducing the chance of collision with fish. There is no compromise on efficiency compared to a conventional turbine.

  • Fish-friendly
  • Efficiency of >90%.
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations available.
  • Turbines produced according to project specifications.
  • Possibility to replace existing turbines with a fish-friendly version.
  • No compromise on performance.

Realised projects

Take a look at some impressions of projects featuring low-pressure turbines realized by Pentair Nijhuis in collaboration with FishFlow Innovations.

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